• TheBurntSoul


    September 9, 2016 by TheBurntSoul
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  • TikiApple


    September 8, 2016 by TikiApple

    Hello, Sageclanners!

    As you know, its your boi MOIMI and today I'll be chattin' 'bout our Admins!

    So, the admins will be the high ranks ( Leader, Deputy, Senior warrior, friends of any of these ranks )

    And so, down below you can get all the info on Admins.

    Wikia Username Animal jam Username OC name(s) Rank(s) Profile Page
    SilencedRose Silencedrose Warstar; Sagestar Leader
    TikiApple MOIMI Shadedpath, Mudpaw, Jaggedstep, Cresentsoul Warrior, Apprentice, elder.
    Unknown Maia28363 Mothlight, Daisykit Medicine cat, Kit. NONE YET
    Nightships Nightships Russetpaw, Stretchedroot, Redwing, Tulipkit, Cedarkit, and Darkfoot. Apprentice, Seni…

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